Rosgeologia’s Enterprise on Kamchatka Starts New Field Season at Pustoretskaya area

Rosgeologia’s Enterprise on Kamchatka Starts New Field Season at Pustoretskaya area


The specialists of Kamchatgeologia, comprising a part of Rosgeologia, have commenced seismic prospecting at the Pustoretsky Trough in the north-west of the Kamchatka Peninsula. As reported by Pyotr Bulany, Managing Director of the company, about 50 professionals are involved in the project.

Seismic profiling, magnetic prospecting, and gravity prospecting will be carried out this season. The main objective is to study the geological structure and to evaluate the oil and gas potential of the fields formed at the Pustoretsky (Kinkilsky) Trough during the Neogene, Paleogene, and the late Cretaceous periods.

According to Pyotr Bulany, the first stage of works to be performed at the Pustoretskaya area under the federal contract was commenced in the first quarter of the last year. In 2012, seismic prospecting resulted in determining two highly potential sites that can be suggested for further exploration.

All works carried out at the Pustoretskaya area are financed from the federal budget and are expected to be finished in 2014. “However, we plan to complete the major portion of those works by the end of this year,” said Pyotr Bulany.

The Pustoretskaya area is one of the twelve promising oil and gas fields located on the peninsula, within the boundaries of which hundreds of oil and gas structures were defined using various geological and geophysical methods.

Prospecting and exploration for hydrocarbon resources in the Kamchatka Region are intensified due to the lack of major oil and gas targets prepared for the development and continuously increasing demand for hydrocarbons.


Kamchatgeologia comprises a part of Rosgeologia, the Russian geological holding company that consolidates public exploration enterprises of various profiles. Kamchatgeologia is the major exploration company in the Kamchatka Region. The enterprise participates in public procurements and provides a wide range of exploration services.

Kamchatgeologia was established in 1951 as the Kamchatka Geological Survey Expedition. Systematic exploration of Kamchatka performed by the enterprise served as a basis to increment mineral reserves and resources of the region. All major deposits located across the peninsula were discovered by the Kamchatgeologia specialists.

Rosgeologia is a Russian geological holding company which specializes in a number of fields, and offers a full range of exploration services, ranging from regional surveys to parametric drilling and subsoil monitoring. The holding company boasts unique expertise, particularly in marine geology and shelf operations.

Rosgeologia was established by Decree 957 of the President of the Russian Federation dated 15 July 2011, and grew from Tsentrgeologiya – one of the oldest exploration companies in Russia.

It is a 100% state-owned company.